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Glenn Millar

Glenn has been coaching clients with their fitness for over 20 years. After  finishing university in Physical Education, he returned to Peterborough, and began Millar Conditioning in1992.

Glenn has competed in a number of sports including track, soccer and  racquetball, and now enjoys mountain biking, golf and skiing.

He has combined his knowledge in exercise science, with his own athletic background to develop exercise programs for over 4000 individuals, teams and corporate groups.

Janie McGee, Certified Personal Trainer                           Return to Top

Janie has been helping clients achieve their fitness goals for over 8 years. Our clients love her enthusiasm and caring way of coaching. While working, Janie is able to balance family with her own fitness, including running, cycling and resistance training.

When she is not coaching clients, Janie spends her time with her two girls, Madison and Brooke, and husband J.R.

Jennifer Vanderploeg, Recreation and Leisure Services, Certified Personal Trainer                                                                  Return to Top



184 Marina Boulevard • Peterborough • Ontario • K9H 6M9